XACT Norden (Criteria) (UCITS ETF)

Legal name: XACT Norden (UCITS ETF)
Exchange traded fund Registered in Sweden (UCITS)

About risk

Historical yields are not a guarantee of future returns. A fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not guaranteed that you will recover the entire invested amount. Note that a fund with risk level 5-7, as stated in the fund's fact sheet (KID), can vary greatly in value due to the fund's composition and management methodology. The prospectus, fund rules and KID are available under each fund. Summary of investors' rights.

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Factsheet and Information Brochure
Target Market
Costs and charges
Fund rules (166 kB)
Prospectus (1495 kB)
Periodic reports
Sustainability SFDR (392 kB)
Annual Report (10920 kB)
Semi-annual report (1198 kB)
Marketing material
Brief fund information 
Summary SFDR (138 kB)
Minimum investment 1 unit
Minimum monthly savings -
Price/Trade Exchange traded
Cut-off time for trading -
Liquidity date Buy -
Liquidity date Sell -

Subscription & redemption of fund units


Entry charge 1 0%
Exit charge 0%
Switch fee 0%
Management Fee 2 0.15%
Costs and charges
1 Fees may be charged in accordance with the fund rules for the subscription and redemption of fund units in the primary market. Additional information about the applicable fee levels is available in the information brochure. Subscription and redemption fees do not impact investors selling fund units on the stock market, i.e., in the secondary market. Brokerage fees will be charged and such transactions are conducted in accordance with the spread in the existing bid- and ask prices. Information about the applicable brokerage fees for trading on the stock market are available at your broker.
2 Management fees deducted in percent of average fund capital.