XACT Norden Högutdelande (Criteria) (UCITS ETF)

Legal name: XACT Nordic High Dividend Low Volatility (UCITS ETF)
Exchange traded fund Registered in Sweden (UCITS)

About risk

Historical yields are not a guarantee of future returns. A fund can both increase and decrease in value and it is not guaranteed that you will recover the entire invested amount. Note that a fund with risk level 5-7, as stated in the fund's fact sheet (KID), can vary greatly in value due to the fund's composition and management methodology. The prospectus, fund rules and KID are available under each fund. Summary of investors' rights.

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Objectives and Investment Policy
The fund is an exchange-traded index fund with the objective to track the performance of the SHB Nordic High Div Low Vol as closely as possible. The fund is passively managed.

Fund returns are determined by how the fund's investments in equities increase or decrease in value. The index will be replicated through optimized (sample-based) physical replication, which means that the fund invests directly in most of the equities included in the index. Tracking error is expected to be less than 0.2% under normal market conditions. The management fee, customer flows, index rebalancing and corporate events all result in transaction costs for the fund, which are not present in the index. These are the main factors that impact the fund’s ability to replicate the index.

Handelsbanken Nordic High Dividend Low Volatility Criteria Index (SEK) consists of equities in Nordic companies that are selected based on dividend yields as well as the risk and liquidity of the equities. The index followed by the fund includes sustainability requirements. Companies that do not fulfil the defined requirements with regard to sustainability are excluded from the index.

The fund follows an index that includes sustainability requirements. Companies that do not meet the defined requirements for sustainability are excluded from the index. The sustainability requirements include international standards and guidelines for the environment, social responsibility and corporate governance. The requirements also include the fund’s exclusion of companies involved in the production or distribution of fossil fuels, military equipment, tobacco, alcohol, gambling, cannabis and pornography.
The fund can invest in derivative instruments as part of the fund’s investment focus. However, the use of derivative instruments is of such a nature that it only has a marginal impact on the fund’s risk level.

The share class normally distributes dividends in March, May, September and November each year. The objective is to annually distribute 4,5% of the value of the units at the time of the Management Company’s decision about distributions. However, distributions can be both higher and lower.

Normally, you can purchase and sell fund units on the stock market, the so-called secondary market, on all banking days. You can also create and redeem units directly with the management company on the so-called primary market.

Additional information about the sustainability work and the funds index, may be found in the prospectus.

Recommendation: This fund may not be suitable for investors who plan to withdraw their money within 5 years.


In percent including distribution
The bar chart above shows the fund’s historical performance in SEK, net of fees. If the fund pays dividends, performance is calculated with the distribution added back. Inflation has not been taken into account.
Performance Fund 1 Index 2
31.10.2023 1.95 2.03
2022 -8.36 -8.07
2021 26.97 27.45
2020 -4.98 -4.66
2019 29.69 30.01
Average. perf. Fund 1 Index 2
2 years -0.25 -0.01
3 years 7.30 7.61
5 years 6.47 6.76
10 years - -


Date SEK Distribution of fund profits
14.11.2023 1.67
12.09.2023 1.67
09.05.2023 1.67
15.03.2023 1.67
15.11.2022 1.63

Sector Breakdown 31.10.2023

Financials 31.70%
Materials 20.31%
Industrials 13.15%
Consumer Staples 11.18%
Telecommunication Services 10.78%
Information Technology 6.79%
Health Care 6.10%

Largest holdings 31.10.2023

Telenor ASA 3.10%
DNB Bank ASA 2.93%
Telia Company AB 2.83%
Storebrand ASA 2.78%
Sampo Oyj Class A 2.63%
Huhtamäki Oyj 2.62%
Nordea Bank Abp 2.59%
Gjensidige Forsikring ASA 2.59%
UPM-Kymmene Oyj 2.57%
Yara International ASA 2.56%
All holdings

Style Box™ 31.10.2023

The Style Box highlights a specific fund's investment objective and strategy. The style box is a resource that provides insight into the underlying strategy that drives the value growth of the fund. Calculations are based on the most the fund's most recent holdings. More information about Style box

Risk measures (3 years) 31.10.2023

Total risk 12.95%
Total risk in index 13.01%*
Tracking error 0.11%*
Information ratio -2.92*
Sharpe ratio 0.50
Sharpe ratio index 0.52*
Key figures for risk follow-up


Fund Facts
Fund managed by Stefan Hagman
Country of registration Sweden
Main category Equity Fund
Sub category -
Fund, date of launch 31.03.2017
Share class, date of launch 31.03.2017
Fund assets 15,749 MSEK (31.10.2023)
Reporting Currency SEK
Trading Currency SEK
Instrument category Uncomplicated
ISIN SE0009778954
Short name XACT Högutdelande
Available for sale Finland, Sweden
Fund Company Facts
Management Company Handelsbanken Fonder AB
Approval of fund operations 06.05.1991
Other approvals Discretionary Asset Management
Manager of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs)
Provide investment advice
Receive and forward orders
Custodian Institution J. P. Morgan SE - Stockholm Bankfilial
Legal domicile of fund Stockholm, Sweden
Regulation Authority Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority
Auditor Ernst & Young AB
Complaints Manager Jörgen Larson